We are thrilled by your visit and we want it to show! We will welcome you with a bottle of wine and a basket of organic fruits and vegetables from our home garden. In case of any doubts don’t hesitate in contacting us, we are in the house at the back. We will also provide you with a list of seasonal products if you desire to try them.
We like making your life easier. We will help you move around with a transfer or a taxi if you don’t have an available vehicle.
If you’re coming to fully relax and not think about anything else, we will take care of room cleaning (15€/h) as well as a laundry service 24-48h (ask us about prices). However, the house itself has an available washing machine, dry cleaner and drying rack if needed.
Free Parking
Apart from our covered porch with a capacity of up to 4 cars, we have a sticker that allows free parking all over Tiana and Montgat. With this sticker, you can leave your car at the beach and at the train station without any additional charges. What a treat!
If you don’t feel like cooking but still want to eat something delicious, we can offer a variety of catering options to enjoy.
The most appreciated service for parents. We for sure know that. Have fun while your children are being cared for by a responsible and experienced person.
Massages and Yoga
Put the icing on the cake with a good massage or a recomforting class of yoga without even leaving the house. You provide your enthusiasm and we’ll provide the personnel.